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Cat Tree

  • Trampoline Cat Tree
    Trampoline Cat Tree

    The fun Spring bed shape, this Trampoline cat tree equip with the hanging small sling ball attracts the cat to scratch, the big chassis, stable to prevent rollover.

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  • Medium Cat Tree
    Medium Cat Tree

    The4-layer scratch tree consists of durable particle wood enough for several active kittens. The reinforced base plate contributes to stability so that this climbing tree does not shake or fall. The sturdy wooden posts hold all platforms without shaking.

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  • PV Plush Cat Tree
    PV Plush Cat Tree

    The strong base board ensures overall stability of the cat tree as well as your cats’ safety while jumping around.

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  • Gray Cat Tree Apartments
    Gray Cat Tree Apartments

    Optimal claw care with sisal. The robust sisal posts of the cat play tower allow the necessary claw care and ensure that your furniture is protected.

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  • Cat Condo with Scratching Board
    Cat Condo with Scratching Board

    This Cat condo with scratching board is a Constructed by sturdy natural particle boards, strengthened with battens at bottom to ensure overall stability; anti-toppling fittings are included for double security.

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  • Sunflower Cat Tree
    Sunflower Cat Tree

    The scratching board will keep cats play for hours of entertainment. It aslo can provide a place for kittens snoozing and rest on the grass lawn.

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  • Wall Mounted Cat Climbing Steps Set
    Wall Mounted Cat Climbing Steps Set

    Our wall mounted cat climbing steps set is sturdy and safe. The screws and wall anchors makes it so stable that can withstand even fat cats. The high-quality wooden materials are safe, tasteless, and resistant to scratching.

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  • Idyllic Cat Tree
    Idyllic Cat Tree

    The climbing frame has a large area and high height. It can be regarded as a large cat climbing frame. The spring mouse at the bottom is different from ordinary pendants.

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  • Three-tier Cat Climbing Tree
    Three-tier Cat Climbing Tree

    Three-tier cat climbing tree,The product has a three-layer jumping platform with a flower jumping platform at the bottom.

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  • Small Cat Furniture
    Small Cat Furniture

    Small cat furniture, this product is composed of light green, tender blue, light pink, bright yellow color combination, color diversity, but do not lose coordination, such a color climbing frame let you enjoy the visual feast of harmonious color collision.

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  • Two Levels Cat Scratching Tree
    Two Levels Cat Scratching Tree

    One-piece center: 2-layer cat activity center, for your pets to sleep, play and climb, and 2 thick sisal columns for grabbing poles.

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  • Flower Cat Climbing Tree
    Flower Cat Climbing Tree

    ​The design of this product is inspired by the designer's perception of the seasons, which means hundreds of flowers bloom, everything shows the infinite vitality of spring.

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